So I Have a New Assistant Director Credit to Add To My List

July 3rd, 2008

I went to the opening of Lost Chi, a film written, directed, and starring one of my oldest friends on the planet, who also asked me to be an acting coach on the set.

“D, I want you to be another pair of eyes – I can’t see what I’m doing when I’m in the scenes, I want you to keep the acting work honest.”

So, I did. It was great fun when we filmed, and there were about five students of my father’s who were either given speaking roles, starring in it, or were extras (my pal Tonja got to be an extra as well; the camera liked her a whole lot!)

The screening was last night, and under the second unit, I was listed as an Assistant Director. Nice! I thought I was going to get an Acting Coach credit, but I’m thrilled with that as well. It will look nice on a resume to see that I was an assistant director for both Macbeth at an off-bdwy theatre as well as an independent film.

Now, if I can only use that to my advantage…I hope to get a film shot that I’ve been writing a script for for the past year off and on – just shot on good video and put up online. Then I can continue my master plan to expand my blogging/writing empire to include taking over the entertainment universe.


Vox is Pretty Cool.

June 30th, 2008

Apparently, in my blogging absence (I have been so NOT on the internet lately in the past several months it’s disgusting. I might as well have never started any blogs to begin with now that I’m back to square one with readership), I didn’t employ the powers of my latest acquisition: a piece of blogging real estate over at Vox.

I dig the format, layout, ability, and user-friendly interface immensely. Granted, I’ve only posted a couple of things on there, and they are mostly about the recent web-horror I encountered when somebody was posing as my MOTHER (actress Ann Wedgeworth) online. They had created a Myspace page with the url tag of /annwedgeworth, and had actually been pretending to be her.

I was shocked to find that the page had been created in 2006, but it was only now that I was actually finding it. The person had thrown up a couple of photos and was pretending to answer back as Ann to the fans who were leaving kind comments (and a few of the whack-jobs who were writing sexual-based fan mail from their parents’ basement).  What was so absurd was that my mother doesn’t even use a computer; she won’t go near one. The fact that the only thing on there was simply a “Hi, I’m Ann Wedgeworth, I play southern eccentric characters. It’s fun!” didn’t seem to strike any of her fans as strange?

I think some of those folks are nice, but too eager to believe that a 74-year-old celebrity would be tinkering around on MySpace of all freaking places, without question. That said, I hope that we can re-acquire some of the “friends” on there that the other site had (before I tore MySpace a new one and had them take it down) so that Mom can see some of her “fan mail” on there. I have purchased and have info AT (the address) as a place to send fan mail – and we get quite a lot. Mom adores it and the people who still remember her.

So, I have created a new site on myspace for her, one that is going to honor her as a fan site; not try to pretend to be her or be an impostor site. I need to work on her regular dot com as well…but…so much to do…

And I’m lazy.

Difficulty in Maintaining Sites When Personal Life Gets in the Way…

December 16th, 2007

The past month or two has found me unable to really write or promote my blog sites, due to personal family matters. This has also limited my ability to try new platforms, as I said I wanted to do…

I find this very troublesome, for I enjoy blogging and sharing whatever I have to share…and I do have a few regular readers, who as of late have gotten the crap end of the stick.

I have obtained a Drupal book and intend to investigate further into that…I’m interested in moving my platforms over to Wordpress, but don’t know if I will actually take the leap.

I have purchased several site names, and need to decide if I’m going to do anything with them or let them go. One of them was to try an erotic blogging conglomerate, but as of yet, I have simply talked a lot about it.

I am having surgery next week, so perhaps while I rest up afterwards, I’ll have time to check it out, and come to some decisions. I now understand why some people give up on their sites and have to “put them to rest.”

I have no intention of doing that with Voodoo Jive nor Ornery Woman; on the contrary, I wish to build them up. But I now have a boyfriend, I’m working on getting a better (and faster paced) job, and I’m getting more involved in theatrical endeavors…so my time is short.

We shall see. I still maintain that Blogger is spastic, but not so much as it was when I wrote the latest post. I appreciate feedback! All feedback (not spam nor weird crazy emails) are welcomed.


The Billychic

So, I’m Back.

June 19th, 2007

I’ve been writing all over the net in the meantime…and neglected this little piece of websphere property that I’m actually paying money for.

Oh, the irony.

So, I need to get a move on…however, I can’t think of anything to write, other than:

Please check out these sites:

Voodoo Jive

Ornery Woman

Welcome to My World 

Bitchy Actress (my friend will kill me if I don’t plug her)

Aspie Goddess 

I opened a Vox account, haven’t used it yet…intend to play with some other platforms… has a blog, so I’m going to try that.

I still have one over at LJ that I need to upkeep, and apparently Friendster is giving MySpace (where I have another good blog) a run for it’s money.

We shall see.

Not Digging Digg

September 22nd, 2006


Hm…perhaps because I haven’t familiarized myself with the process enough yet, but I really don’t think all that much about’s setup – or it’s explanation on how to use it.

Personally, I think the whole thing about being able to shove someone else’s comments down to the bottom of the heap is not as groovy an idea as people might make it out to be…

The concept behind top stories is great – but the way it’s set up is limited and annoying, in my opinion.

I find the interface to not be really user-friendly at all – and when you try to get help, it’s just…well…not helpful.

I’m sure I’m missing out and will have to explore it further, because it seems to be a growing trend, but I’m really not impressed and find it a waste of time.

Can I dig it? No, not really.

Confessions – A WordPress Blog

August 29th, 2006

Brought to you by the makers of Blogmad, Confessions is a very entertaining blog whose style I admire. I wrote about the appeal in Voodoo Jive, but here I’d like to bring up the simplicity and draw – in terms of making a successful blog.

If they created that in WordPress, then I suppose the ability to create something similar – in relation to the “confess” button and allowing outside parties the ability to post something themselves online in a forum other than simply commenting – would be possible.

The anonymity of the whole thing is interesting, for it lends itself to a whole realm of possibilities; and one doesn’t have to give an email or even a fake name – all they have to do is click, confess, click again to submit.

I would like to learn how to create a site such as that. Not recreate that same topic or medium, but the style of the site and it’s programming (and marketablility) are fascinating.

Not surprising that these are at least one or two of the same cats that brought us Blogmad.

As I surf the net, I find that the blogs that impress me the most – aesthetically, anyway – are usually derrived from WordPress.


Blogger Is Getting On My Last Nerve

July 27th, 2006

I don’t know what’s going on over yonder in Bloggerville, but they need to get their act together. I have two blogs that I’m trying to promote, that are starting to get a few readers, and this is yet another day when the whole thing is down.

At one site I belong to, Blogmad, they offer an opportunity to increase blog traffic – but you have to surf blogs as well. During my surfing today, I noticed that a lot of blogs were having difficulty being displayed – and I betcha they were Blogger blogs.

I really enjoy the layout of Wordpress. I haven’t played with it enough yet to really get a good handle on it, but I can tell that the chances of it going bonkers like Blogger are slim.  *knocks wood*

If it wasn’t such a hassle, I might consider moving Ornery Woman and Voodoo Jive over to Wordpress…

Google, being the billydude conglomerate that it is, needs to get it together with Blogger. Quit tinkering and making new stuff – make sure the old important stuff works.


June 23rd, 2006

Ornery Woman is growing! And getting on other blogrolls – and blog hubs/aggregates. I’m eternally stoked. We just got picked up by Blogburst. This should be interesting, to say the least.

What’s also interesting is that Voodoo Jive is doing well in it’s own right; it got put on several blogrolls outside of the aggregate blogrolls that I added it to (even though it was turned down by Blogburst, ironically) and both sites are getting a respectable number of hits every day.

David and I are starting a new group/gathering of actors, we meet this Monday. We are also pushing each other to write, so I have to write 5-10 pages of a play or scene, based on themes that we give to each other. Then the group of actors we are gathering will read those, plus do work that we bring in: i.e. monologues to practice for auditions, etc. We will also be doing cold readings and warm up work like sensory and relaxation. I hope to take that to another level and start another production.

Looks like scene night is going for the other group, although that is a whole horror show in and of itself, which I blogged about elsewhere. Hopefully I can get through it in one piece.


Possibilites Are Endless

June 16th, 2006

With so many blogging platforms out there, it seems a bit overwhelming: which one is best? As my blogs grow and I try to increase readership, how can I get the most out of the platform I chose? What makes it more aesthetically appealing to the reader, thereby drawing them back to read again? I read sites like ProBlogger, which is very helpful; it encouraged me to try out the WP software that I am using for this blog.

I used to say that you could walk down a New York City street and spit and hit 20 actors or musician. The same can be said with the internet in relation to bloggers – and really good ones, with something to say besides cute pics of their dogs (hey, trust, I post pics of Chico and the Cats all the time).

There is a sense of regret; I have been actively online in one way or another since 1995, but I only started blogging in 2004 (but that craze didn’t really begin until 2002 or so and then a year ago it really took off). And in doing that, I only really did diary form and poetry. However, in commenting on my own life, I began to realize that my almost Sedaris-style sardonic writing seemed to go over well with people, and I slowly began to comment on other things besides my own life: I wrote about current events, celebrity gossip, etc.

Then, about six months ago, I started getting more involved in the blogging world due to a job with Newstex. In doing that, my writing/blogging world opened up, and I realized a whole myriad of possibilities, a whole universe that I hadn’t really become a part of – that I had let slip by. Therein lies the sense of regret that I mentioned earlier: where I could have been, blogging-wise, by now.

But I suppose I or anyone can say that about any aspect of their lives and I am just happy that although I was brought down to size a bit (I’ve always regarded myself as a tech/cyber/internet geek and am now made to realize the limits of my knowledge), I am making use of my newfound knowledge and trying to gather it at an exponential rate so as to apply it – and find my niche. Having been a DJ, I’ve always enjoyed sharing music. This is one aspect that I have added to Voodoo Jive, for example, that perhaps doesn’t fit in with the other writing; yet it is something that I enjoy, and seems to be enjoyed by others. I used to do a “Song of the Day” on MySpace, that people seemed to get into, so I simply decided to apply it to Voodoo, which is really named after a radio show I had in St. Louis.

Unfortuanately, due to the nearly Adult-Onset-Creative-ADD that I seem to have, I can’t focus on just one thing or topic. This is good and bad, for I don’t want to fall into the “Jack of All Trades” bit – that ends up delivering interesting, yet unfocused, blogs that don’t propel proper readership.

This can be said of my acting career as well, for the paths of acting, acting teacher, and Artistic Director all lay before me.

I just want to do it ALL, dammit.

Creative Inspiration

June 15th, 2006

I’ve been having a lot of it lately, in the form of ideas for creating blogsites that can be entertaining and informative (and with two of the few, possibly money-making), new website endeavors, and ideas about starting a new theatre company separate from the one I’m currently a part of.

I am the Associate Artistic Director of a theatre company in New York – my father’s theatre company, of whom he is the Artistic Director (and sole reason for membership; his reputation in the industry spans 35 years and his alumnus roster of acting students could fill a room full of Oscar, Tony, and Emmy award winners) and  I am happy and proud to be a part of it.

But I also have desires to work on projects outside of the nest, perhaps so that I can turn around and establish something for myself – and make him proud. I am also considering teaching, a seed of inspiration that has been fanned by a new friend and longtime student of my father’s who is now an acting teacher himself.

Since I seem to be having a difficult time actually getting up off my ass and going to auditions (although I know that I’m actually a decent actor), I need to either DO it, or venture into other areas with that. Two things I know I can do are act and write, and I demand that both be a part of my life – one way or another.